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Facts: 70% of your website visitors are immediately leaving your store and never come back after a bad search experience. Our AI-powered search bar ensures that visitors find what they’re looking for, increasing your conversions, AOV, and revenue!

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Great search app! Really like the way this app is so simple to get up-and-running with great built-in guidance notes & links to more detailed instructions if needed, but still gives a significant amount of flexibility and personalisation.

The Shredder Warehouse

This is possibly the best search app on Shopify with many useful features on admin and fine results on customer areas. The app works as described, definitely much and much better than Shopify native search as it always gives relevant search results even with typos.

Cymbal House

Only recently installed the app and already the support I have been given has been truly excellent. We needed a small amount of custom work and without spending a penny with them (so far!) it was no issue. Genuinely a great choice for a superb search bar.

Print and Plant

The best search bar app in the app store. Period. Having an advanced search like this will better assist your customers like it has for us. It's something a lot of stores lack, but it is so important. The live chat support is insanely fast and helpful as well. Highly recommended!

Keller International

Installed this app on our website and couldn't be happier with it. Simple to install, looks great, works REALLY well. Emailed them to ask a quick question and Irisz replied almost instantly to tell me they had tweaked something I wanted done and explained how.

Roofing Supplies UK

This app is wonderful. The staff are a pleasure to work with. Woyong is great at helping and got everything I wanted done. The app itself works great and is easy to set up as far as the search filters. Looks great. Five stars! 10/10 I’d recommend always!

The Cave

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Easy setup
Intuitive admin panel
Mobile optimized
Custom no results page
Customizable search results
Powerful analytics
Search in pages
Product filtering
Customizable search bar design
Customizable merchandising
Hide out-of-stock products
Popular search suggestions
Category suggestions
Synonym management
Misspelled word recognition
Zero character suggestions
Real-time search results

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