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We customize our smart search & filter application according to your unique enterprise requirements, so your visitors will be able to handle your database containing thousands of products rapidly and easily.

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Instant search suggestions

Most visitors click on the search bar and have no idea what to search for. That’s why we show them a drop-down list with instant search results for the most popular products and collections. When they start typing, Rapid Search completes the search terms automatically – a must-have feature on mobile devices.


Synonym and spelling recognition

Don’t lose a sale just because your visitors use different terms and expressions from how you named your product, for instance, sofa and couch. Don’t lose prospective buyers just because they don’t type the product name with capital letters. Rapid Search recognizes and understands misspelled words and synonyms, so your customers always find what they are looking for.


Product filters

Your visitors want to easily navigate among your products, even when you have thousands of them. With our built-in filtering tool, they can swiftly filter them by brand, model, price, size, and color according to their unique requirements. The filtering rules are applied automatically when you install the app.



Hide your out-of-stock products, feature your top-selling ones at the top of the search results or create time-bound promotions for Black Friday or Valentine’s Day. You have full control over how the search results appear to your visitors. Harmonize your search results with your current promotional campaigns and get your marketing consistent.


Powerful analytics

By knowing what your visitors are searching for in your store, you will catch trends early on and stay ahead of your competition by adapting your product line. Analyze the searches of your visitors and finetune your online store according to the most recent industry trends. Expand your store with the help of your visitors.

Professional 24/7 support

Enjoy enterprise-level premium support, and count on us regarding questions about technicalities, finetuning, or even new developments.

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Store owners using Rapid Search

According to the opinion of around 200 users, our application has a 5/5 star rating

Great search app! Really like the way this app is so simple to get up-and-running with great built-in guidance notes & links to more detailed instructions if needed, but still gives a significant amount of flexibility and personalisation.

The Shredder Warehouse

This is possibly the best search app on Shopify with many useful features on admin and fine results on customer areas. The app works as described, definitely much and much better than Shopify native search as it always gives relevant search results even with typos.

Cymbal House

Only recently installed the app and already the support I have been given has been truly excellent. We needed a small amount of custom work and without spending a penny with them (so far!) it was no issue. Genuinely a great choice for a superb search bar.

Print and Plant

The best search bar app in the app store. Period. Having an advanced search like this will better assist your customers like it has for us. It's something a lot of stores lack, but it is so important. The live chat support is insanely fast and helpful as well. Highly recommended!

Keller International

Installed this app on our website and couldn't be happier with it. Simple to install, looks great, works REALLY well. Emailed them to ask a quick question and Irisz replied almost instantly to tell me they had tweaked something I wanted done and explained how.

Roofing Supplies UK

This app is wonderful. The staff are a pleasure to work with. Woyong is great at helping and got everything I wanted done. The app itself works great and is easy to set up as far as the search filters. Looks great. Five stars! 10/10 I’d recommend always!

The Cave