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How does the free trial work?

Fill out the form to apply for our free trial. Following this we will send you an email with the instructions of setting up or app. You can decide whether to keep using Rapid Search or not after the trial.

What counts as a search?

Every search process that is started by a visitor counts as a search. This includes if a visitor opens the search bar since Rapid Search shows them personalized recommendations even at that stage.

A search is ended when a visitor chooses a recommended product, category or keyword, or navigates to another page of the store.

On the search-result page every new filter, and sorting setting counts as a new search.

How many searches are there in my store monthly?

You can follow the number of searches in the Statistics tab. We measure it even over your free trial so at the end of it you will be able to see your search count.

What happens if I exceed the search limit of my plan?

This is good news, it means you have an increasing number of visitors. If you exceed the limit of your plan and don't upgrade it on time, the original search bar will be re-activated until the start of the next billing period.

If you experience exceeding the limit we recommend upgrading your plan to avoid losing potential buyers.

How can I sign up for Rapid Search?

As a first step, we recommend you requesting a free trial. Before your trial ends, we will send you the instructions for starting your subscription.

If you wish to secure Rapid Search even over your trial period, go to our pricing page and choose the perfect package based on your store engine.

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